Alicia Luque is Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics and Director of the Spanish Heritage Language Program at Texas Tech University She will also become the future Director of the Texas Tech (Neuro)Cognition of Multilingualism Research Lab which will open its doors in Spring 2020 (more details soon to come).  Her areas of specialization are adult second language acquisition and heritage speaker bilingualism. She also has a secondary specialization in the acquisition and processing of syntax and morphosyntax using psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic methods.

Alicia's research, informed by the fields of linguistics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, focuses on investigating the set of individual factors that contribute to successful adult second language development and proficient bi/multilingualism as well as on elucidating the ways in which the (becoming) bi/multilingual experience changes linguistic, cognitive, and brain function. 

For downloadable versions of available presentations and publications visit Alicia's or ResearchGate pages

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