Alicia Luque, Ph.D. | Applied (Psycho/Neuro)Linguist

Alicia Luque is a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in psycho/neurolinguistics at UiT: The Arctic University of Norway and an active member of the Psycholinguistics of Language Representation (PoLaR) lab and the AcqVa Aurora Research Center. At UiT, Alicia's primary focus is directed towards working for the Heritage-bilingual Linguistic Proficiency in their Native Grammar (HeLPiNG) project, a multimillion-euro grant funded by the Tromsø Forskningsstiftelse (Tromsø Research Foundation).

Alicia's overall research agenda is informed by the fields of linguistics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience and focuses on investigating the set of individual factors that contribute to proficient bi/multilingualism as well as on elucidating the ways in which the (becoming) bi/multilingual experience impacts linguistic, socio-affective, and neurocognitive function.

Her areas of specialization are adult second/third language acquisition and heritage speaker bilingualism. She also has a secondary specialization in the acquisition and processing of (morpho)syntax using psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic methods.

For downloadable versions of available presentations and publications visit Alicia's or ResearchGate pages.