Science Dissemination

Bilingualism and the Brain with   Dr. Arturo Hernández (University of Houston, USA)

I had the incredible opportunity to interview Dr. Arturo Hernández while we both attended the 1st HabilNet Symposium in La Hulpe (Belgium) in May 2018 to learn more about bilingualism and the brain. From there a fascinating conversation develops, covering language conflict, language discrimination, and how studying the bilingual brain teaches us about our humanity.

"Two Languages, One Mind" with Donatella Caggiano (Milano, Italy)

It was an honor for me to be invited to participate in the inaugural episode of the new podcast "The Design of Return" led by Donatella Caggiano to  have a conversation about what it means to have two languages in one mind, and what can we learn from the way the bilingual brain explores, understands, and processes the world and much more! 

Host of HeLPiNG Questions 

 VideoPocast produced by the HeLPiNG Team and PoLaR Lab at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Introduction to HeLPiNG Questions with the HeLPiNG Team (Dr. Jason Rothman, Dr. Maki Kubota, Dr. Yanina Prystauka, and Dr. Alicia Luque)

Teaser-Season 01

Episode 1 with Prof. Judy Kroll (University of California-Irvine-USA): What does it mean to be bilingual?

Episode 2 with Prof. Ludovica Serratrice (University of Reading-UK): Do children get confused when you speak to them in more than one language?

Episode 3 with Prof. Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh, UK): What are the trade-offs of bilingualism? 


Episode 4 with Prof. Jubin Abutalebi (University Vita Salute San Raffaele, Italy): What is unique about the bilingual brain

Episode 5 with Prof. Ellen Byalistok (York University-Canada): In what ways can bilingualism impact healthy and pathological aging? 

Episode 6 with Prof. Sharon Unsworth (Radbound University, The Netherlands): What are some specific ways in which we can support child bilingualism both inside and outside of the family context? 

Episode 7 with Prof. Diane Lilo-Martin (University of Conneticut- USA): Could we consider people who are able to communicate using both sign and spoken languages to be bilingual? & How can we support them inside & outside of the family context?  

Episode 8 with Prof. Gigi Luk (McGill University, Canada): What is the reality (challenges, trade-offs) of learning two or more languages in school settings around the world? 

Episode 9 with Prof. Johanne Paradis (University of Alberta, Canada): What is the role of bilingualism in children with developmental or language disorders? 

Episode 10 with Prof. Dave Miller (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA): Are there any ways in which the languages we speak as bilinguals affect decision making, evaluative judgements, and behavior?

Episode 11 with Prof. Ethan Kutlu (University of Iowa- USA): How are bilingual identities shaped by the different cultural, historical, and sociopolitical biases we are constantly surrounded by in the world we live in? 

Episode 12-Closing Episode-Part 1 with Prof. Viorica Marian (Northwestern University, USA) & Prof. Jason Rothman (UiT The Arctic University of Noway, Norway): The Transformative Power of Language |  Part 2- with Drs. Ashley Chung-Fat-Yim & Sirada Ping Rochanavibhata (Northwestern University, USA) and Drs. Maki Kubota, Yanina Prystauka & Jiuzhou Hao (UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway).